1952 born in Soma in Turkey
1971 emigrated to Germany
1971 - 1979 factory-worker at Blaupunkt, Hildesheim
1979 Admitted into the HBK-Braunschweig / Foundation course with Hermann Albert
1981 – 1985 Specialized Studies Gorella and postgraduate course / master-class student of Arwed
D. Gorella
since 1986 Member of the association Bundes Bildender Künste (BBK), Braunschweig
Various study trips in France, Italy, Spain,
Malta, Guatemala, Finland, Morocco, Cuba und Turkey
until 1997 Scholarship to work in the town of Helmstedt
until 1999 Part-time lectureship in painting and drawing for auditors and seniors at the HBK-
until 2001 Part-time lectureship for the basic studies of industrial design
until 2007 Part-time lectureship for nude drawing for the liberal arts and teaching of art at the HBK Braunschweig
2007 Awarded the 2nd Prize in the 18th SPD-Women’s Prize in Lower Saxony

Selectied Exhibitions
1985 “Pictures, drawings and sketches“, arts society in Uelzen
“Competition in the Teutloff-Schule", Neustadt town hall in Braunschweig
1985 - 1986 Exhibition in the framework of a meeting of artists Peuple et Culture (People and culture) / WK Hanover and Toulouse / France
73rd Autumn Exhibition, arts society in Hanover
25th September Exhibition, Marienberg in Helmstedt
since 1986 „Autumn Exhibition at the BBK", Braunschweig (regular participation)
1987 "People, history, space“ Nord/LB Braunschweig,
Exhibition at the regional hospital in Helmstedt
1988 „Recorded memories – sketches of the present", arts society in Wolfenbüttel
HBK students exhibit, exhibition at Weserburg in Bremen,
and in the castle at Wolfsburg
Turkish artists in Paris, Paris / France
VHS art gallery in Salzgitter
KK art gallery in Braunschweig
1989 „Scholarship holders in the region of Helmstedt", Kubus Hannover
„Lovers", Gasteig art gallery / Munich, Berlin,
Frauenmuseum Bonn
Art Nürnberg, presented by the art gallery Waltraut Schäfer in Hamburg
The art gallery Waltraut Schäfer
1991 „Art in public places", a co-operative project
„Tourism" on the occasion of the Lower Saxoy festival in Rinteln in 1991 Pictures und drawings in the art gallery in Burgdorf
Bonlieu Centre d' Action Culturel, Annecy Peuple et Cultur, Paris / France
1992 Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim
1993 Wilhelm Raabe’s Memorial house, Raabe-Gedächtnisstätte in Braunschweig
1995 Nord art gallery in Dresden
1995 - 1996 Santiago de Cuba, participation in a mural project and exhibition with Susanne Hesch in Cuba
1997 BBK Hannover
1998 - 1999 „WANDlungen“ mural project with the Institute for Culture in Braunschweig
BBK, Braunschweig
Book and art in Braunschweig
Einewelthaus (A house of the world) in Magdeburg
2001 Sanatyapim art gallery in Ankara / Turkey
2001 - 2002 Mural project in Santiago de Cuba / Cuba
2002 Portrait of lively diversity, murals in Hebbelstrasse in Braunschweig with
Susanne Hesch
International Art Fair in Istanbul presented by SANAT YAPIM art gallery
2003 Scholarship for a studio from Galeria de Arte Universal art gallery in Santiago de Cuba
/ Cuba
Exhibition in the art gallery of Galeria de Arte Universal in Santiago de Cuba / Cuba
2004 Artroom in Kunstraum Malerhof / Voigtholz with Martin Hearne from England
Regional hospital in Helmstedt
2005 Arts society Salzgitter/Lebenstedt with Susanne Hesch
2006 Designing of a square in Hebbelstrasse in Braunschweig with Susanne Hesch
2007- 2008 Exhibition in the art gallery “Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas y Diseno de
la Habana” in Havanna in Cuba
Exhibition in the Galeria de Arte Universal in Santiago de Cuba art gallery in Cuba
Participation in a mural project in Santiago de Cuba INTERNOS / Cuba
2008 Participation in a mural project in the Isoldestraße primary school mit Susanne Hesch und Karsten Meier in Braunschweig
Participation in an art project „People make an impression“ from Anke Sondhof on the Frankfurter Platz in Braunschweig
One person exhibition in SukiYaki in Braunschweig
Exhibition in Kunstraum Malerhof / Voigtholz with Habdaphai from Martinique
2009 Exhibition „New Rooms“, VW Immobilien Wolfsburg

Works of art in public ownership
Region of Helmstedt
Förderkreis Kloster Marienburg (Association for the promotion of art)
Ministry for Science and Art in Hannover
Administration for the region of Braunschweig
Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim
Volksbank Helmstedt

Works of art in private collections
Erdal Dogrul, Braunschweig
Karin Voigt (Musikalien Bartels), Braunschweig
Bernd Löhbach, Cremlingen
Ibrahim Demirel (Photographer/gallery owner), Turkey

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